Museum of Computing

To preserve the history of computing



The Objective of the museum is to save computing hardware and software that would otherwise be destroyed in order to preserve the history of the development of computing. This involves rescuing various items of hardware and software to prevent them being destroyed and forgotten.

The current ambition for the museum is to implement remote connections to this web site to enable visitors to connect directly to selected museum computers. This will give visitors a “hands on" look and feel of the interfaces to:-

  • Run games on a Sinclair Spectrum ZX80
  • Run games on a Sinclair Spectrum 128K
  • Trying out the original character based Windows 1.0 on an IBM XT PC


If anybody can contribute an interesting piece of computing software or hardware to the museum we will find a Good home for it ! Many items in the museums inventory have been aquired in this way. Please contact us using the web sites contacts page.